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0 Cheat LS Lost Saga 7 Agustus 2012 No Delay

IKSAN EFENDI-kali ini Update Cheat LS terbaru yaitu Cheat Lost Saga Terbaru Agustus 2012. Cheat LS Lost Saga Terbaru Agustus 2012, cheat lost saga 1 Hit Crusade TERBARU. Selanjutnya akan ada postingan terbaru dari sini yaitu Cheat PB Point Blank Terbaru. 

Cheat Lost saga Ls AGUSTUS 2012 Release Up 07 agustus LostSaga no Delay Release For Public 7 August 2012 || Just For Share - Not to Sale!Support ALl OS (WIn 7,WIn 8,Win Xp,Win Vista) Special hari Jumat. Silahkan Download Cheat Lost Saga Terbaru Agustus 2012 dibawah ini.

Cheat Lost Saga Terbaru 3 Agustus 2012

Fitur dan Hotkey Cheat Lost Saga 04/08/2012 
  • No Delay ON = Insert
  • No Delay OFF = Delete

Cara Pemakaian :
  • -Open PerX
  • -Change What To Inject Dengan: lostsaga.exe
  • -Click Browse Input YuSsUF.dll
  • -Open Lostsaga.exe
  • -Notice Out , Press Ok
  • -When in the  Lobby press keys l ON (Insert)
  • -When in the  Lobby too press keys Menu OFF (Delete)
  • -Hapy Cheat ^__^

Tutorial : 
  •     Buka Perx Injector
  •     Setting seperti screnshot Perx Injector

NB :
  • WORK ALL Support ALl OS (WIn 7,WIn 8,Win Xp,Win Vista)
  • Just Lost Saga Amerika

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